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Tuesday, 01/09/2009

Mytho4 in the UK

Tuesday, 20/01/2009

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Thursday, 11/09/2008

Back From Italy

MP3 : Journey to Becoming Human

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A gift from us to you... this is the MP3 of CD we produced for Kindred Spirit magazine in the UK. Joseph will take you on a guided journey of the MythoSelf Process and a journey to what it is to "become human" as well.

First you'll have an opportunity to experience Joseph giving you some insight as to the origins of the MythoSelf Process. Then he'll spend almost 30 minutes taking you though the journey itself. Finally, you'll experience Joseph as his most electric when he's presenting this material as a guided "inner journey" - a trip to the center of yourself. You'll also enjoy the music of Rudiger (Rud) Habermann composed especially for this audio program in the background as Joseph takes you completely on this Journey To Becoming Human ...

  1. Introduction: Journey To Becoming Human ... (0:51)
  2. A MythoSelf Adventure - An Introduction ... (5.09)
  3. Intro: Journey To Becoming Human ... (0:21)
  4. Journey To Becoming Human ... (26:08)
  5. Intro: Taking the Journey ... (0:18)
  6. Taking the Journey ... (9:02)
  7. A MythoSelf Adventure - Beginning the Journey Again ... (1:09)
Get your copy of ... Journey To Becoming Human ... MP3 download now and enjoy this magical experience with Joseph today ...

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