Back From Italy

Thursday, 11 September 2008  |  Admin

It's been almost a month since we've been back from Italy and the MythoSelf Facilitator's & Trainer's Intensive Training Program. We had a group of almost forty folks in Franciacorte, Italy at the Relaisfranciacorte Resort, just on the edge of Lake Iseo ... and it was a truly beautiful and magical venue.

In addition to myself, Nancy and Michaela were with me at the training, while my son Jason used the venue as a base to explore Northern Italy with his Grandfather, Uncles and his Aunt ... he was the "caretaker" and "tour guide" all week. In addition to getting "Joseph" for an intensive twelve days the group also got to see Joseph in action around his family as well ... and I think the general consensus was, "With Joseph 'what you see is what you get' both in and out of the training room."

The group also commented consistently on how much they enjoyed having Michaela in the training room ... once they got used to it that is ... you see it can take a bit of getting used to having an eight year old girl sitting on her dad's lap as you're expecting to be attending a high-level, elite training program. But think about it ... this training program is all about How To Be At Your Best ... Anywhere, Anytime, With Anyone, No Matter What! And, if you can't be in a room, attending a training, getting what you want from it for yourself ... with an eight year old girl in attendance ... how could you possibly say you're at your best???

I love doing MythoSelf Facilitator & Trainer Training, especially intensive training in some ways. The key for me is watching folks go from wanting something they can't define to wanting what they have. It's a very special look that someone gets when they are able to be present to whatever's going on around them without wanting it to be something else. This includes going from being able to be around an eight year old girl, who could be distracting, to being thrilled to be in the presence of what's happening ... whatever that may be ... and then moving onto "What's Next" ... so I'm looking forward to seeing that same look on more folks in the years to come!

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009  |  Admin

Joseph will be presenting the 2 weekends of a Mytho4 - Oct 10/11 & Nov 14/15 - 2009

Tuesday, 20 January 2009  |  Admin

Dr. Joseph Riggio is preparing a series of completely new trainings for 2009 ... a hypnosis intensive, a workshop on metaphor and myth, and a two-week MythoSelf Coaching certification program ... details coming soon.

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MythoSelf eBooks coming soon...

The MythoSelf site now seels eBooks. Please check the store for all currently available ...

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New audio available on the website

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