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Welcome to the International Listing Page of Licensed and Certified MythoSelf Trainers and Facilitators and Certified EPC2 Coaches

As you'll see from the list below there are over fifty Licensed and Certified MythoSelf Trainers and Facilitators now practicing in twelve countries in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Please look through our list of MythoSelf Trainers and Facilitators and feel free to contact any of them with your questions or inquires about the MythoSelf Process Facilitation or Training, or the EPC2 models.

Every MythoSelf Trainer or Facilitator, and EPC2 Coach has completed intensive training, including direct training with Joseph Riggio, Ph.D, architect and designer of the MythoSelf Process and EPC2 Coaching and Consulting models, as well as many hours of supervised mentoring under the direction of a Cerified and/or Certified and Licensed Trainer or Master Trainer prior to receiving certification and licensure themselves. 

[To see the complete international list of Licensed and Certified MythoSelf Trainers and Facilitators, and EPC2 Coaches below ... click here now.] 


EPC2 Certified Coach - The essential coaching model we teach is the EPC2TM - Exquisite Performance Coaching and Consulting. Upon completing a training program of a minimum of 100 hours that includes the entire EPC2 coaching model and at least an additional 25 hours of supervised coaching* an EPC2 Certified Coaching Candidate will be eligible to receive full certification and licensure as an EPC2 Coach. EPC2 Certified Coaches may provide individual, group and organizational coaching using the EPC2 Coaching model.

MythoSelf Associate Facilitators - After completing the first 124 hours of training leading up to full licensure and certification as a MythoSelf Facilitator a Facilitator Candidate upon acceptance of the MythoSelf Associate Facilitator Licensing Agreement and MythoSelf Code of Conduct is allowed to use the title Licensed and  Certified Asssociate Facilitator. Associate MythoSelf Facilitator's may facilitate Private MythoSelf Work and assist on MythoSelf training programs.

MythoSelf Facilitators - MythoSelf Facilitator Candidates must complete a minimum of 179 hours of MythoSelf Facilitator's training and 75 hours of supervised mentoring by a Licensed and Certified MythoSelf Trainer/Master Trainer prior to being offered the opportunity to become a Licensed and Certified MythoSelf Facilitator. In additional all Facilitator Candidates must pass a rigorous review process under the direct supervision of Dr. Joseph Riggio and the College of MythoSelf Trainers, Facilitators and Coaches. MythoSelf Facilitators may facilitate Private and Group MythoSelf Work, and they may also conduct MythoSelf Experience Training programs.

MythoSelf Associate Trainer - Upon attending MythoSelf Trainer's Training but prior to completing the full requirements to becoming a Licensed and Certified MythoSelf Trainer a candidate may use the title MythoSelf Associate Trainer and may perform the same activities as a MythoSelf Associate Facilitator, unless they have already completed the requirements for becoming a Licensed and Certified MythoSelf Facilitator.

MythoSelf Trainers - All MythoSelf Trainer Candidates must complete all the requirements for becoming a Licensed and Certified MythoSelf Facilitator. In addition they must attend a minimum of an additional 124 hours of MythoSelf Trainer's Training and and additional 60 hours of supervision leading MythoSelf Process training programs. MythoSelf Trainer Candidates are also subject to an intensive and rigorous review of their application by Dr. Joseph Riggio and the College of MythoSelf Facilitators, Trainers and Coaches. MythoSelf Trainers may provide all the services allowed a MythoSelf Facilitator and they may also mentor MythoSelf Facilitator candidates.

MythoSelf Master Trainers - Are designated by Dr. Joseph Riggio after many years of experience demonstrating the highest levels of service as MythoSelf Trainers. In addition to all the activities allowed them as MythoSelf Trainer, MythoSelf Master Trainers may also mentor MythoSelf Trainer Candidates and deliver MythoSelf Facilitator's Training programs under the direction of Dr. Joseph Riggio.

*NOTE: Upon completing the full EPC 2 - Exquisite Performance Coaching and Consulting curriculum a MythoSelf Trainer or Master Trainer becomes eligible and may request certification as a MythoSelf/EPC2 Trainer or MythoSelf/EPC2 Master Trainer and may supervise and mentor EPC2 Certified Coach Candidates as well.

Please contact any of the EPC2 Certified Coaches or Licensed and Certified Mythoself Trainers or Facilitators for more information about the EPC2 Coaching and Consulting models and/or the MythoSelf Process, the services and programs they offer, or to make arrangements for individual or organizational coaching or consulting, to do private or group facilitation, and/or to take training with them.

For more information about EPC2 and MythoSelf licensure and certification training programs or about what it means to be an certified EPC2 professional or MythoSelf licesensed and certified professional please contact Dr. Joseph Riggio directly.

    Dr. Joseph Riggio - Founder Of The MythoSelf Process

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United Kingdom

MythoSelf Facilitator Information
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