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MythoSelf : Spirituality

Do you realize that you are either shaping the world you live in or you are being shaped by it?

Whatever your religious beliefs, we live in a world that contains mysteries beyond your ability to generate explanations. You emerge from the unknown, and are endlessly traveling towards an ultimate reunion with it.

How you make sense of this complex mystery informs the way you live on a daily basis.

Do you believe that the universe is benevolent...that in the end analysis the "forces of life" are working in your favor? Or do you live and operate believing that the universe is malevolent...that you endlessly have to protect yourself from the unknown?

Inevitably, you hold one of these positions, and it will be evident in everything you do. It is the ‘spiritual' ground you stand on. If you aren't deciding on an ongoing basis whether you live in a benevolent or malevolent universe, THE DECISION IS BEING MADE FOR YOU BASED ON YOUR PAST EXPERIENCES.

Do you have the DESIRE and the tools to operate from a position of POSSIBILITY rather than LIMITATION?

Do you have the DESIRE and the tools to live a life of design and intention, or are you living from a default position defined by others when you didn't have the choice?

If these questions are like ones you ask yourself, it is time to learn the most cutting-edge decision-making strategy in the world today.

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