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MythoSelf : Looking Good & Feeling Healthy

Does your body truly look and feel the way you want it to?

What is your relationship to your body? Do you treat it like an old car you hope will continue to transport you around, filling with cheap gas and second rate oil- if you change it at all- or is your body truly your ‘temple'?

The health of your body governs how you feel as you move out in the world.
The way your body looks can govern how you feel about yourself as you move out amongst others. There are endless questions you ask about your relationship to your body, like:

Should I eat this?
Will I ever really be able to lose this weight?
How to I generate the discipline to change my diet?
How can I find the motivation to exercise?
How can I be healthy and stop feeling like crap?
What is my potential: how healthy can I really get?

If these questions are like ones you ask yourself, it is time to learn the most cutting-edge decision-making strategy in the world today.

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