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MythoSelf : Family & Parenting

Are your decisions impacting your family in the way you most want them to?

Every decision you make impacts the people that are most important to you...Nobody is an island unto themselves. This is never truer than when you decide to make a family. You are constantly forced to ask yourself questions that affect lives beyond your own:

Are my decisions impacting my family in the way I most want them to?
Are those that I am responsible for making the kinds of decisions I hope they would make for themselves?
Am I modeling the kind of decision making I most want for the people in my life that are most important to me?
Is this good not just for me, but for my children?
Am I shaping my children into the people I want them to be?
Am I giving my children every possible chance to thrive and succeed?
Am I giving my children all the tools they need to become healthy adults?

If these questions are like ones you ask yourself, it is time to learn the most cutting-edge decision-making strategy in the world today.

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