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ABT Trademark Private MythoSelf Facilitation

Private MythoSelf Facilitation begins with a discovery of who you are and how you are at your very best. This is the "shape and form" of you when you are beyond all sense of limitation or constraint - when you are having one of those days where, "you simply cannot put a foot down wrong."

We all had those days when we wake up and the world has organized itself so that you have what could only be best described as a perfect day. From the moment you open your eyes to the moment you fall back asleep you know that this is, "as good as it gets."

For most people days like this come ‘once in a blue moon' - when the Sun and Moon, Jupiter and Venus have aligned just right - it's going to be "your perfect day". Maybe on vacation or when you've planned out something really special or you're celebrating some unique event in your life - on days like this it's possible, not guaranteed but possible, that you'll have one of those perfect days.

The MythoSelf Process goes beyond waiting and hoping for a day like this ‘to just happen'. Instead by learning how you are on days like this, on ‘perfect' days you can recreate them and have them whenever you choose - anywhere, any time , with any one - or no one at all - regardless of the circumstance or situation, no matter what! This is the magic of the MythoSelf Process. Working with a Certified and Licensed MythoSelf Facilitator , someone who's trained for at least one full year with Joseph Riggio and completed the supervision requirements to become certified and licensed as a MythoSelf Facilitator, you'll learn the particulars regarding how you organize yourself when you are at your best, when you have set a direction for success.

What you can expect from Private MythoSelf Facilitation

Whether your after more Self-Confidence, or greater Self-Esteem - whether it's Personal Development, Improvement, Growth or even more Personal Power, MythoSelf Private Facilitation can help guide you to these outcomes. You'll begin by accessing a "Ready State" - what you're like when you are literally ready for anything. Your MythoSelf Facilitator will tease this out of you, prompting you to recall what it's been like for you in your past when this was the case.

Using a proprietary methods learned in the MythoSelf Facilitator's Training program and refined through extensive personal supervision working with a facilitator you'll be experiencing what it is like when you are at your very best within minutes of beginning their work with you ... and it will occur in a comfortable, conversational way. This is due in part to the unique methodology used only by Certified and Licensed MythoSelf Facilitators .

MythoSelf Facilitation sessions typically last for between one and four hours, depending on the facilitator and the intention for the session. Usually the first session will be a little bit longer than subsequent sessions and you can expect that in most cases you'll work with a facilitator for between three and six sessions - again depending on yourself, the facilitator and the intention for the facilitation.

You will know without question what it's like for you to experience yourself at your best from the very first session, and subsequent sessions will be used to help you to generalize this experience throughout your life and/or to have immediate access to it in special situations where you most want it. These situations could range from personal relationships, professional encounters, making presentations, performing at an extraordinary level ... you name the situation and your facilitator will make sure that you have the learning and skills to access your ‘best state' then and there - no matter what!

What's beyond basic Individual MythoSelf Facilitation

There are many ways people choose to continue learning once they've learned how to access themselves at their best. For some it's the development of specific skills like: communication and interpersonal dynamics, bringing out the best in others, focus and clarity, conversational and non-verbal patterns of persuasion ... and the list could go on. Some people find that once they've experience d this for themselves with private facilitation that they'd like to experience an intensive MythoSelf Process 3-Day Program , where they can immerse themselves in what they've learned, have it refined and reinforced in an intensive setting and learn how-to begin using these skills with others as well. For others there is an intention they develop to learn how-to facilitate this process themselves, for them it would be onto the MythoSelf Facilitator's Training program with Joseph Riggio.

So what's next?

As always it's your choice. What we would recommend is that you Contact Us to make an appointment to speak with a Certified and Licensed MythoSelf Facilitator. There's never an obligation, the conversation is free, you'll have a chance to "meet' your facilitator and discuss what's most important to your before you decide and you can always take whatever time you need in making your decision. Just go to our Contact Us page and fill in the form and tick "Private Facilitation" or write us directly at . We'll get back to you within 24 hour and if you requested it, have a MythoSelf Facilitator contact you by either email or telephone as you indicate in your email.