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Creating Futures That Work

 As simply put as we can say it:

"Functionally the Mythogenic Self Process centers on you creating futures that work ... for yourself, for you and others ... and in the process of doing that, leaving the world around you a better place for your having been in it ... "

- Dr. Joseph Riggio, Architect and Designer of the MythoSelf® Process

The premise of the Mythogenic Self Process is extremely simple ... the quality of your life does not depend on a process, instead it is a function of the position you hold. You access this position by tapping into the deep currents that inform you and others about who you are at the core of your being. ... this is the essence of who you are.

Learning and using the Mythogenic Self Process will allow you to access yourself at your best. Using the wisdom and skills you've gained along the way you'll be able to make significant choices about yourself ... how you hold yourself in the world, how you relate to others, what to be doing, how to be doing whatever you choose to do ... PERFORMING EXQUISITELY ... in ways that will create a life worth living ... for you and for those you care about ... and those you love.

We invite you to settle in ... give yourself permission to take a breath ... search about ... and learn what is here for you. BTW ... virtually everything you'll find on this site ... Articles on a variety of topics like decision making , podcasts, video ... upcoming program details ... tons of materials you can use ... are all free for the taking. (There are also some great resources that our Licensed and Certified Trainers and Facilitators have produced that are available for sale ... you'll find these in the MythoSelf Store section of the site under Products and Services).

Thanks for visiting us today ... ENJOY!

Taking The Next Step ... What You Can Expect From MythoSelf Facilitation

The MythoSelf Facilitation is organized around the MythoSelf Process, which is designed to assist you in remembering your most essential self ... how you are at your very best with a pervasive sense of well-being in place. What we like to say about this is that it's like experiencing a moment in time when you know that "Like this ..." everything will turn out well ... you simply cannot put a foot down wrong

What makes MythoSelf Facilitation so powerful is the way that it connects you to you intuition. From this position you can and will make decision easily, confidently and with a sense of certainty that they are the right decisions for you. In our many years of working with elite performers we've found that this single trait is consistent amoung them ... the ability to make decisions efficiently, effectively and confidently.

You can find out more About the MythoSelf Process including a detailed overview, the structure of individual facilitation, applications of the process and even a bit about what's beyond facilitation. Find out more about MythoSelf Individual Facilitation here ...